Review: Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant


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primal pit paste, natural deodorant
I decided to do an in depth review of the natural deodorant Primal Pit Paste because like many of us, finding a natural deodorant is quite a daunting task. I have tried so many brands that I lost count. They either didn’t work at all for me or gave me insane painful or itchy rashes neither of which are cute. I ordered a sample pack of their most popular ones which I thought was a great option.


primal Pit Paste, natural deodorant, non aluminum deodorant
My initial thoughts on the scents upon opening were: Lavender smells amazing
Cucumber lime was strong the lime punched me in the face. I think it would be good as a masculine scent. Orange creamsicle light scent that smells exactly like what it says.
Thyme & Lemongrass smells earthy and amazing definitely one of my favs. Royal roger is like a  citrus and woodsy combined scent light and very nice. Jacked Up jasmine smells very clean and fresh but not a strong scent of actual jasmine. As far as the consistency they all feel like a thick lotion. It spreads across the underarms evenly and with no mess. Also, none left any white residues on clothing.


primal Pit Paste, natural deodorant, non aluminum deodorant
primal Pit Paste, natural deodorant, non aluminum deodorant/

Tthyme & Lemongrass – This was one of my favorite scents so I was really excited to try this one first I put about a nickel size under each armpit ( more than the recommended dime size but I was nervous) the negative was that it smelled a bit skunky when it was on which was odd. The positive is that it worked all day! I worked for 11 hours and there was no smell when I got home. The bonus was I didn’t sweat much either although it was only 65 degrees which is pretty cold for FL. So far no irritation either but I will keep you guys updated.


primal Pit Paste, natural deodorant, non aluminum deodorant

Orange Creamsicle- This morning I woke up and noticed I had a rash from the previous day of wearing primal. This is quite common for me as every non-aluminum deodorant with the exception of arm & hammer hasn’t given me a rash, but doesn;t keep me odor free all day long. Luckily this rash is not painful like some can be.

Anyway, I put on the orange creamsicle which isn’t a scent I would normally like but I am enjoying this. It’s light and sweet with a fresh  citrus scent. After working 10 hours running around the office  including outside in the sun…no smell what so ever…amazing!

primal Pit Paste, natural deodorant, non aluminum deodorant
I tried the coconut lime this morning which is probably my least favorite of all the scents. The lime is very intense but for those who love citrus scents this could be a winner for you. Also, I think this is a nice scent for a guy. As the others I stayed odor free all day long but this time I worked 11.5 hours! *I did feel like this one kept me a little less dry then the other ones.


primal Pit Paste, natural deodorant, non aluminum deodorant/
Today is the day I tried the Jacked Up Jasmine which has a light delicate scent almost like baby powder. This one is soft and feminine and I really like the smell of it. No surprise but it lasted another 10 hour day with no odor what so ever.I came home fro work, showered, re-applied and went to a club where I danced for hours and NO SMELL AT ALL! (Victory!)


Primal Pit Paste, natural deodorant, royal roger

I finally had a day off today and made some good use of it. I put on the Royal Roger scent and headed to a large outdoor farmer’s market. This scent is one of my favorites it’s a spicy, woodsy scent and reminds me of patchouli and sandalwood. I spent hours outdoors then running errands and again, no smell.


primal pit paste, natural deodorant, lavender/

This morning I am on my final scent to try which is Lavender. I ran errands in the morning then went to work in the early afternoon and when I got home I still smelled fresh. This stuff is fantastic!!!


*Final Thoughts: This is by far the best natural deodorant that I have ever tried, and like I mentioned previously I have tried many! I think the price is more than fair and very competitive when compared to other brands. I do have a slight rash but it is not itchy or bothersome in any way. I will update you guys if the rash gets worse or after continued use of one scent it stops working, but as of right now I am more than pleased with this stuff and so happy that I have FINALLY found a natural deodorant that actually works!!
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I am really bummed to report that this deodorant much like many I have tried started to give me a really bad rash. It still worked just not as well as in the beginning but ultimately I have to stop using it for right now because the rash is so bad. 🙁




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