My go to favorite food when I visit home & details on my GIVEAWAY!!!

Tripoli's Pizza, tripoli's, beach pizza, lawrence, salisbury
Growing up going to Tripoli’s Italian Bakery for pizza was the best. To this day it is still the best pizza I have ever had. If you grew up in Massachusetts there is a good chance that you know exactly what I am talking about here. Tripoli’s also know as “beach pizza” is like no other I have tried. They have a signature sweet red sauce, fresh cheese,, and fresh baked dough and has been serving up this winning combination for over 60 years. When ever I go home to Massachusetts to visit family the first stop I always make is to Tripoli’s. I know that every time I go I will close my eyes, bite into that pizza and taste the love of what I consider home. 
Tripoli's Pizza, tripoli's, beach pizza, massachusetts
If you are ever in Massachusetts order a slice with extra cheese and let me know your thoughts..
Now for the exciting news:

 I am so excited to announce my first ever giveaway! The wonderful people at GPSmyCity are sponsoring a giveaway to 20 of my lucky readers!

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GPSmyCity is allowing me to give away 20 of these awesome promo codes that normally cost $4.99 on the app store. The winner will get to pick which ever city they want out of the 470 they have available all over the world. What a great app for the travel lover! Personally, I love walking around a city exploring and taking in all the scenery, architecture and hidden gems.


How To Enter:

It’s so easy just comment on this blog post with your favorite food from your home town. Make me want to get to that city and try it for myself!

Terms and Conditions:

This app is currently only for iPhone and iPad 

The giveaway is open worldwide

You must comment on this post to enter

The contest opens Monday January 18th 2016 and ends on Sunday January 31st

Winners will be announced on Monday February 1st


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6 thoughts on “My go to favorite food when I visit home & details on my GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. I have a favorite local drink “Swiss Lemonade Tea Cooler”. Swiss tea is a local Pennsylvania dairy farm company that makes this wonderful tea that’s practically like crack to me in a good way because it has no high fructose corn syrup. Check them out for yourself

    1. Opera Solo I have actually tried tea cooler and it is really good! I am a unsweetened iced tea kind of girl but that is the only one with sugar I ever liked. Thanks so much for sharing and good luck in the contest! xoxo

  2. One of my favorite local foods would have to be Crispellis. I dont eat them often, maybe once or twice a year tops because they arent the healthiest but they sure are delicious. Its basically a deep fried ball of dough, stuffed with either ricotta cheese (my favorite) or anchovies (ew lol). Sounds simple, but they have such a good yummy . So if your in the Lawrence MA area definitely find time to stop in and try one. You wont be disappointed .

  3. One of my very favorite things at home is a chicken shawarma from Mournir’s on South Broadway, Lawrence, MA The wrap is huge and filled to the max. The garlic sauce with the parsley and very small diced tomatoes is so delicious. I even have to have a fork because it’s so filled up. Back in the day we went there after the clubs and discos closed. It was a perfect ending to a great night of dancing. It has a 4.4 star rating.

    1. O-M-G I go crazy for middle eastern food it is one of my favorite cuisines for sure. Shawarma done right (no pickles!!) is heaven!

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