My First Ever Vegan Cuts Un-boxing!



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OMG I am so excited to finally be part of the Vegan Cuts club! (does this mean I am cool now?!) 


Vegan cuts, vegan, gluten free
I am not vegan but I am trying to make a transition to a more plant based compassionate diet. I haven’t had pork for over 8 years, beef at least 7 and I am pretty much not eating chicken, only on a rare occasion. The seafood and cheese is where it is hard for me. 

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I love watching YouTube videos on vegan food taste tests, reviews etc. In those videos I always see the Vegan Cuts Un-boxing vids and I have wanted one ever since. 


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I think it is never a bad thing to find new healthy options for snacks that are also vegan. For $20 a month the Vegan Cuts Box is a bargain!


Vegan cuts, vegan, pad thai, gluten free
They also have a Beauty Box with all vegan beauty products that I may try once I run low on what I am currently using.


Vegan cuts, non gmo, vegan, earnest
Back to my box (ummm you know what I mean) I was so excited when I opened my door to find the cutest lil box outside my door. My first impression was that I was surprised at how heavy and full the box was.


Vegan cuts, vegan, organic energy drink, non gmo
Upon opening it I saw the reason it was heavy as because it was stuffed with so many goodies! There is no doubt that I got my $20 worth. 


Vegan cuts, non gmo, vegan
I received a post card with a list of every item that was included in the box as well as coupons on some of the items inside. I thought this was great because if you find an item you love you have a discount and incentive to purchase it.

Vegan cuts, non gmo, vegan, raw bar, raw
This months Vegan Cuts Box was filled with so may goodies from: Pad Thai, Granola Bars, Raw Bar, Popcorn, Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter, Fruit Snack, Pancake/Waffle Mix, Chips, Coffee and an Energy Drink! All of which would have cost me more at a Natural Foods Store.


Vegan cuts, non gmo, vegan, snacks, popcorn
All in all I have no complaints at all (shocking but true) I LOVE Vegan Cuts and can’t wait until next months box! Have you guys tried this or their beauty box? If so tell me what you think of the items you received in the comments below…


Vegan cuts, vegan, acai, pineapple, healthy, healthy snack
Vegan cuts, vegan, veggie, snack

*Check out my vlog on YouTube for the un-boxing video

-Peace & Love xo


2 thoughts on “My First Ever Vegan Cuts Un-boxing!

  1. I want those brown rice pad thai noodles!… I want Pad Thai, next work trip to Chicago.
    I’m pretty far from Vegan, mostly just not pre-packaged foods. No chips no soda.

    Found your blog from Andrew’s A hard Road blog, just wanted to say hi.

    1. YAY!!! Andrew is AWESOME I am going to do a blog post on his ebook soon! So excited you found me 🙂 🙂 🙂

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