Awesome Farmer’s Market Shopping Haul!!!

I hit the mother-load at this amazing farmer’s market! A guy I work with is a total foodie and has been telling me that I need to check this place out and I am SO happy that I did. The market runs every Sunday and alternates between Parkland FL and Coral Springs FL. (Both are in the South Florida area not too far from Ft Lauderdale)


I went to the one in Parkland which is rumored to be the better of the two. This market was HUGE, there was tent after tent of all kinds of goodies. There were stands selling fresh, local, organic produce, all natural beauty products, salt lamps, ceviche, italian food, smoked fish dips, smoothies, dog treats and tent after tent of all kinds of prepared foods.
I got a lot of beautiful local produce that was delicious. Personally I can tell the difference when I eat something farmers market fresh. There was a tent selling organic acai berry from Brazil and I tried one of their smoothies which was nice and refreshing.
There was a stand that was AWESOME that sold some pretty sweet kitchen gadgets. I got this grater that works better than any other I have ever seen or tried. As soon as I saw it grate ginger so easily I was sold!
I also bought this Heart Peeler from the same gentleman, this thing is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! This peeler blows the Vegetti away. It will turn any vegetable into pasta, including eggplant which came out really good. It also makes your food purrty. Example, it can peel carrots and make them look like flowers.Who doesn’t want to eat a carrot shaped like a flower?!
The table selling the pink himalayan salt lamps had some goodies. I ended up buying a salt soap which the woman said was great for exfoliating. The purchase from here I was most excited about was this salt cooking block. I have never seen anything like this before, have you guys?? The woman who I bought it from said if I put it in my freezer then serve cold food on it, that it will keep the food cold for hours. The same goes for when heating it then serving hot foods on it. I mean, how cool is this thing?!
Next is this delicious smoked Salmon dip that I could not pass up. They also had a Mahi Mahi one but I went with the salmon. She lets you sample them which was nice.
FullSizeRender-13       FullSizeRender-12
There was a tent serving up samples of Italian food and the man that ran it was from New Jersey. (What up Dirty Jersey!) As soon as I tried his sauce I thought, “this tastes like New Jersey.” I mean that in a really good way, NJ has some amazing Italian restaurants that cook with love. I went with a Vegetable Lasagna and one of the best Basil Pesto’s I have ever tried. I thought his items were pricey but they were good.
FullSizeRender-1       FullSizeRender-2
Lastly I stopped at one of the booths selling natural beauty products. The woman that ran this one was so nice and I like purchasing from nice people. I got a facial toner and a spray on sunscreen. Both are all natural!
This Farmer’s Market is the sh*t so if you enjoy these kinds of things and are ever in South Florida definitely check this place out.





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